My Story

I live at Whangarei Heads, a beautiful spot with access to bush, hiking tracks, harbour and coastline, in the North of New Zealand.

I have enjoyed over 30 years teaching in primary schools, in mainstream and in special education. Along the way, I developed a strong belief in the need to help children and young people to value themselves and each other, to discover and accept their own way of being, continually growing towards their highest potential, with confidence and resilience.

In 2012, I found a way to recover from 14 years of chronic stress, fatigue and illness, with visualisation and self-coaching. This led me to explore other techniques and I eventually discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), otherwise known as Tapping or EFT Tapping.

I was drawn to the way EFT teaches us to accept, understand and process feelings and thoughts, something I had not experienced growing up. EFT helped me to start developing emotional wellbeing, and I am learning to be myself, with more self-acceptance, confidence and resilience.

I am now a certified EFT practitioner, a certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and work online throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond, and in person in Whangarei, using and teaching these techniques.

I help adults and children to manage stress and grow self-worth, confidence and resilience.

I guide people to the freedom to be themselves, to grow towards their highest potential and to welcome positive change in any area of their lives.

I can see you online with Zoom, Monday-Sunday. Zoom works brilliantly, as if we were together in the same room, and is free and easy to download. All times we arrange are in NZ time.

I can also see you in person, Monday-Sunday, in Whangarei, New Zealand, or at my home in McLeod Bay.