EFT In Schools

My dream is to bring Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping, into our schools, early childhood services and family homes so that children have the opportunity to learn another self-regulation tool that will help them to recognise, accept and understand their feelings and manage the stress that can arise when they become intense.

Imagine if our children and young people could learn and master techniques to help them flow through tough times with the resilience that comes from knowing that they can calm themselves and their feelings; that they can see different perspectives; that they can find more acceptance, tolerance and creativity within themselves ... and so solutions come to mind.

This is what EFT, and other self-regulation techniques, can bring to our children and young people.

I currently run an ‘EFT In Schools’ whole staff training programme for schools. This programme can be adapted to suit individual schools’ needs.

I’m also available to work with individual, and groups of, staff and children within schools.

I am working on creating a series of videos to teach basic EFT to children, early childhood teachers, junior school teachers, parents and caregivers, using my ‘Happy Tapping Song’.

Totara Grove School students tapping on their favourite point.

Totara Grove School students tapping on their favourite point.

Happy Tapping Song

I have written the ‘Happy Tapping Song’ …

  • to help children learn the tapping points

  • to singalong to when they feel sad … mad … bad …

  • to singalong to before any activity that may create stress in any way

  • as a resource for teachers, support staff, parents and caregivers