K Turner says … I had always heard of EFT but it was only after a few sessions with Robyn that I came to understand what EFT actually was and how it can really help you on many levels.

In our first session, Robyn explained EFT to me in a way that I understood.  She is an incredible Practitioner and you instantly feel at ease in her presence.  Her approach is gentle and nurturing and she offers a “safe” space where you can relax and really begin to enjoy the process of EFT.

I now consider EFT a “life tool” – a therapy you can turn to if you feel anxious, upset, confused or indeed just want to understand yourself better.   It is a therapy that is so accessible and easy to practice.  You only need to set aside a little time each day, or indeed at a time to suit you.

For me personally it has helped with clarity and confidence and the instant relief you feel is undeniable. 

Thank you Robyn and I look forward to having more future sessions with you.

Tania K-F, Director / Soft Tissue & Clinical Sports Therapist, says … A few months ago, I was beginning to experience anxiety.  I had never had this happen to me before and it was unnerving and scary.  I felt like I was about 2 seconds away from having a full-blown panic attack.  I am very in tune with my body, but this absolutely threw me.  I had no idea why, or where the trigger for these feelings were coming from.
I decided to see Robyn and try EFT.
Robyn has a warm and friendly nature and she creates a safe environment.  At my very first session with her I felt relaxed, and because of this, I believe I got the absolute best out of every session with her.  EFT is a subtle but powerful modality and Robyn is a very skilled practitioner.  At the end of each session I felt like I was in such a better place.  And even though everyone's experiences will be different I was so thrilled with how quickly we discovered the unknown triggers and how quickly I have overcome this anxiety.

Melanie says ... I love EFT and, even more, I love working with a great practitioner. Robyn is a great practitioner. She's an astute listener, able to hold space for you, a good interviewer (in the sense of helping you get to the crux of the matter), quick thinking and intelligent. I've had quick and lasting changes to long standing issues working with Robyn and EFT. She's exactly the right person for this healing modality.

Trish says ... I had never used EFT before and was unsure of what it was exactly and how it might help. I found Robyn to be a patient, understanding, intuitive and effective practitioner. With only two sessions I found my personal issue to be resolved. I am very pleased to recommend Robyn and I will be certainly contacting her again if any other issues need addressing.

Cushla says ... I did a number of EFT sessions with Robyn. I found the therapy and Robyn to be so helpful. During the sessions I felt the long held emotions leave the body. I felt very clear and calm after EFT. It definitely works!!

Megs says … I attended Robyn’s EFT Workshop today. It was awesome. Robyn is an inspirational teacher and with true caring, guided the group through the EFT process and some excellent EFT sequences. I thoroughly recommend these workshops. It was a fantastic day. Thank you so much Robyn.

Jana Joy says … Fantastic workshop yesterday! Thanks Robyn! I look forward to private sessions for myself and my daughter and will hopefully be able to organise group sessions with my staff and friends.

Sue says … Thanks for your informative seminar on 24th March, Robyn. I am using it with my granddaughter, aged 10, who is afraid of heights, flying, being in a boat etc. She has taken it on board with enthusiasm and is finding her fears have decreased considerably. Wonderful!!